The driving force behind Elle Blackburn is authenticity. We believe that words, actions and behaviors have to match our identity to materialize a life that is aligned with our true self.

A transparent approach to our daily activities can only be beneficial, all around. It builds trust amongst customers and coworkers. It also improves relationships and reduces work-related stress, which is exactly how we like it!

Modern life can be overwhelming enough as it is. Why not start by embracing the expression of our genuine, original, and true self! Authenticity has the potential to bring significant positive impacts on health and wellbeing, and the vibe of those embracing it is definitely contagious!


Being conscious of how our daily activities and choices impact the environment is at the core of Elle Blackburn’s values. Long-lasting materials such as precious metals have already proven their durability over generations. In crafting original creations or restoring and repurposing heirloom jewelry, EB uses recycled silver and gold as much as possible. As metal plating cannot last forever, we offer this service on demand only.

When it comes to sourcing precious metals and gemstones responsibly, resource traceability and ethical extraction matter. Mining and mineral sourcing has long been associated with human exploitation and a general disregard for environmental impacts. For this reason, we are constantly striving towards ethical sourcing, by working with select suppliers and passionate gemmologists who share our values and those of our customers.

As packaging material is a major contributor to global waste, EB is very much concerned about the negative impacts of throwaway culture. To limit our environmental impact, we mainly use post-consumption packaging material such as recycled paper, envelopes, fabric scraps and even second-hand jewellery boxes. To further minimise waste, we also adapt our packaging depending on the jewelry’s intended recipient. In all cases, our packaging is minimalistic, and still cute.

Improving our practices through more social awareness is an ever-evolving commitment at EB.


We believe that fundamental rights have to be respected in order to bring harmony and balance between people. Providing a healthy work environment that reflects those values allows us to express our creativity and individuality through art. We believe in taking care of each other – mentally, physically and spiritually. From that point, together we can build an inclusive ecosystem, united by mutual respect for diversity.
LOVE, UNITY, ENERGY… that’s the vibe we want to share with you.
Our designs go beyond gender and speak an ageless language.


Elle Blackburn jewelry is handcrafted in Montréal in a private workshop that also welcomes other jewelers who share the same passion for all that glitters! The proximity amongst coworkers at EB studio makes a huge difference when it comes to sharing advice, improving our techniques, and developing our skills. We are a small business, and our local suppliers and production methods enable us to maximize quality control, all while minimizing our carbon footprint. The short distance between business partners definitely enables better collaboration!

Also, our customers are welcome to our workshop, by appointment, to pick up their order directly from the place where the jewelry was crafted.
Meeting in person helps us to better understand and fulfill your needs, whether for a ring adjustment or just to discuss your dream jewel!

We aim to make every connection meaningful.